10 Poems I Meant to Never Write You

1.     I want to know if it’s still okay to want you like I reheat my coffee –
over and over till I finish the last drop
2.     Here’s what I know
Some part of me misses
Some part of you
Some days are just louder than others
3.     Your memory asked me why today
I answered, because we have two irreconcilable definitions of terrible things
Yours, remembering how many broken pieces you buried inside me
Mine, forgetting
4.     I kissed your lips
and you kissed my ripe betrayal
It was beautiful
I was lost
5.     I loved the way
you loved me
with the lights on.
6.     I think I fell in love with you
The first night you kissed me sober
7.     I used to wait for you in empty letters and open mailboxes
Hoping you’d remember
The taste of my lips
As I crave you
8.     I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact
That I may never be able to get every piece of you
Out of me.
9.     I gave you my shattered love
You returned it
with a piece kept
10. All the left I have is a ghost of the piece you never returned
and the perception of a whole heart

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