free me

I think people who have never experienced depression or struggled with the decision to take their own life – people who have never sat with a loved one listing every reason they have to be alive, every person that loves them dearly, and walked away wondering if they would still be there when you got…


  Sometimes Under Insufferable Circumstance I Dream Escape

i namaste

i want you to know i namaste i see you you have two beautiful hips you’ve let mostly men thrust themselves into but it’s women who leave soul marks you can still feel when you touch them just right your orgasm is not gender specific on the right day you come from almost anybody inside…

Touching Home

Because I think touching you again would feel like coming home That’s what I’m most afraid of  Touching you and realizing the seconds since your warmth touched my skin feel like years and it’s been a lifetime since I came home


i can still feel your breath if I stand too close to your memory

10 Poems I Meant to Never Write You

1.     I want to know if it’s still okay to want you like I reheat my coffee – over and over till I finish the last drop 2.     Here’s what I know Some part of me misses Some part of you Every Single Day Some days are just louder than others 3.     Your memory asked…


I woke up two days after loving you one long night Too many too manys crafted from gin, tonic, and bourbon barrel kisses Put your distinct, microbrewed perfection in my mouth Memorized the uniqueness of your satisfaction Promised my mouth I’d never forget the taste of you on my hands And washed your memory from…

Bones, Brokens, and Reasons

I know what it’s like to feel like you’re nothing It wasn’t so much done with intent But a byproduct of a sacrosanct promise broken before them One that said love shall never equal harm. My parents molded me with two broken hands strengthened by the layer of thick that develops when the people you…

To the Women I Haven’t Met

I will look at you like the sun peeking through the blinds, painting the blank of my wall after a rainy day. I will be enraptured with the beauty you hide in the breath before the moment you tell me about your passion. If give me five minutes, I will be captured by the you,…

Painting Broken

i saw it in her eyes the piece of me i was missing i lost it in red shoes and purple pieces of broken things