Matatu ni Matata – The Terrible Matatus

You may not know it, but I spent three glorious months in this beautiful country last summer. Like a child first understanding the world, these were among my first words. Somehow, they just made sense – they just fit. Find yourself in Nairobi and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Nothing describes the matatu experience … More Matatu ni Matata – The Terrible Matatus



I’m tired of having ammo for my poetry Tired of melting down flesh laden bullets to make beautiful words My wounds are my ink I use them for writing But I wouldn’t be heartbroken if suddenly I was too whole to write about broken things

free me

I think people who have never experienced depression or struggled with the decision to take their own life – people who have never sat with a loved one listing every reason they have to be alive, every person that loves them dearly, and walked away wondering if they would still be there when you got … More free me