With Stories, We Make the Seemingly Broken Whole

With Stories, We Make the Seemingly Broken Whole

Hi, my name is Jessica.

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I grew up in a tiny, stop light of a town called Dry Creek, Louisiana. Surrounded by a fusion of art, activism, and deeply complicated souls, I learned life and love aren’t nearly as straight forward as you might think. And I fell in love with creativity. From the moment my mother shared her first story about talking animals and silly adventures, I knew I wanted to write. Many years later, I’ve found writing is the best tool I have for coping with the most broken, lost, and complicated pieces of life, so I’m writing. About travel. About writing. And about the crazy, convoluted path that is healing. This blog is committed to recording that journey.

The most surprising part of my commitment so far is a book. I’m writing a book, a memoir – that details my path of healing and recovery. This blog will be the place I interface with both the pains and highlights of writing a difficult past. I hope in doing so I might shed light for a few other struggling with their own difficult, painful, beautiful stories. If nothing else, I assure you aren’t alone. I believe owning your story is the most powerful thing in the world. So, if you want to see what that looks like, if you want to know how to get started, or if you just want your knotty, serpentine life to feel a little more seen, stick around. I’ll do my best.



My Favorite Moments So Far…


These are my true, broken healing stories.

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