Recovery has been the theme of my life in so many ways—I have overcome great obstacles and truly recovered from them because of my art. For me, art heals. I’ve struggled with loss, abuse, depression, anxiety, and terribly destructive relationships. It was making that struggle into art that initiated my recovery. I create this blog to honor that journey.  My greatest hope is that maybe my struggle can inspire someone else. It’s a lot of hard work, but if you keep trying, you can begin to heal.

My logo depicts the Hindu being Ganesh–the remover of obstacles, the symbol of overcoming. I used him because I believe recovery is a journey in which nearly all of it is some type of overcoming and we could all use someone (and maybe some of us have had someone) to help remove some of those obstacles. Ganesh honors that journey to overcome and the people who help us do it.


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  • Recoverypoet I must say that I love the posts that is purely your journey to where you are now. It is already a lesson for young people you want to engage with moving forward. One thing struck me, the decision to “say something” It reminds me of my Nonviolence. As a practitioner am always reminded to protest any form of injustice because passivity/silence encourages the injustice to happen and worst is that you’re part of it my staying mute about it. By saying something you stayed true to the call to practitioners – PART FROM THE INJUSTICE YOURSELF


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