“The Recovery Poet” as an identity came to me at a moment I was struggling to survive. When I was ready to give up, recovery found me, and “the recovery poet” became a safe space to explore the trauma I had undergone. Now, it is an identity I wear with pride, and I hope it can be a place others find safety and comfort, as well. I am, we are all Recovery Poets. We who seek to make broken into something beautiful.


One thought on “About

  1. Recoverypoet I must say that I love the posts that is purely your journey to where you are now. It is already a lesson for young people you want to engage with moving forward. One thing struck me, the decision to “say something” It reminds me of my Nonviolence. As a practitioner am always reminded to protest any form of injustice because passivity/silence encourages the injustice to happen and worst is that you’re part of it my staying mute about it. By saying something you stayed true to the call to practitioners – PART FROM THE INJUSTICE YOURSELF


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