I’m tired of having ammo for my poetry Tired of melting down flesh laden bullets to make beautiful words My wounds are my ink I use them for writing But I wouldn’t be heartbroken if suddenly I was too whole to write about broken things

i namaste

i want you to know i namaste i see you you have two beautiful hips you’ve let mostly men thrust themselves into but it’s women who leave soul marks you can still feel when you touch them just right your orgasm is not gender specific on the right day you come from almost anybody inside … More i namaste


I woke up two days after loving you one long night Too many too manys crafted from gin, tonic, and bourbon barrel kisses Put your distinct, microbrewed perfection in my mouth Memorized the uniqueness of your satisfaction Promised my mouth I’d never forget the taste of you on my hands And washed your memory from … More Taste

An Unplanned Goodbye

By Stepán’s Experimental’s (some rights reserved) I said goodbye to you today. It was as sweet and bitter as I never imagined. Tasting your spirit goodbye. I remembered the flavor of beginning with you. The way meeting you was like tasting a ghost.   When I met your soul, I wanted to cover myself in it … More An Unplanned Goodbye